Delaware County Divorce

Delaware County Divorce Lawyer

I am a Delaware county divorce lawyer that you can trust to guide you through their complex court system.

If you are facing a divorce in Delaware County, it is important that you speak to an experienced attorney who knows the Delaware county court system. While it is most common for individuals in Delaware County to file for divorce under the "no-fault" statutes, I do have experience handling "fault-based" divorces as well. Regardless of the grounds for divorce, the stakes are high, and even more so if there are minor children involved.

I am an experienced divorce attorney who can help guide you through your divorce in Delaware County. My Delaware County office is conveniently located in Radnor just off of the Blue Route at 150 North Radnor Chester Road, Suite F200. Consultations are always confidential.

Questions Pertaining to Divorce in Delaware County

Where does a divorce complaint get filed in Delaware County?

For any Delaware County divorce matter, the divorce complaint gets filed at the Office of Judicial Support, located on the first floor of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. The Delaware County Court of Common Pleas is located at 201 West Front Street in Media, Pennsylvania. More information about the Courthouse can be found here, which is their official website.

What are the filing fees in Delaware for a divorce?

The filing fees for a Delaware County divorce vary depending upon the relief being sought in the complaint. The filing fees, posted by the Office of Judicial Support, can be found here.


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