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Grounds For Divorce

In Pennsylvania, there are both “fault” and “no-fault” ground for divorce. Most commonly, people file for a no-fault divorce.

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In Pennsylvania, Alimony refers to the payments that are made from one spouse to the other spouse after the divorce process is complete and the divorce decree has been issued by the Court.

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Child Custody

Often the most sensitive and emotional aspect of a divorce is child custody. While clients may be able to “brace themselves” for the emotions involved in a custody dispute, they are unable to gauge how their children will react.

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Equitable Division

An issue in any divorce is the question of how the parties should go about dividing their property.

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Child Support

All parents have a legal obligation to “Support” their children. The laws in Pennsylvania regarding the proper calculation and implementation of Child Support are complicated.

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Spousal Support

In Pennsylvania, married people have the legal responsibility to support their spouse. Upon separating, it is likely that the spouse who earns more money will be required to pay Support to the spouse who earns less.

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I am a Pennsylvania divorce lawyer with a practice that is dedicated to all aspects of family law including divorce, custody, and support matters

Extensive experience with every step of the divorce process

Settlement Conferences

For a settlement conference to be successful, you need an attorney who is thoroughly prepared and knowledgable with how the system works.

Custody & Divorce Trials

You need an attorney who knows how to present your case in a way that will give you the best chance at obtaining the results you want.

Masters Hearings

Frequently used for contested support and custody matters, these are an opportunity to resolve emotional issues early on in the process.

No two clients are facing the same set of facts and circumstances. Every case is unique, and Divorce legal services cannot be properly provided in a “one size fits all” package.

I make it my personal responsibility to explain the Divorce, Child Custody, and Support laws in a simple, straight-forward fashion. I have found that when clients are well-informed and prepared during the initial parts of the Family Law process, they tend to feel much more secure and comfortable with the outcome of their case. If you are considering filing for Divorce, then you should take time to carefully select a Divorce Lawyer who will be committed to your case and who will provide your matter with adequate time and attention.

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